Historical Record – On to Greater Things at the .com TLD


Femigrants.org was the domain name associated with the initial website created by Aytakin Aliyeva, a female entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. You’ll see the clever play on word, combining Female and Immigrant to capture what the site was all about. Initially this was a personal project designed to inspire and bring together other immigrant women. However, as she developed it, and advanced in her career she was able to secure the resources to leave her employment and further develop her concept. It is now a paid membership platform, and moved to the .com TLD. You can find it here: https://femigrants.com.


We have an interest in preserving all things immigration on the web so that interested people can see how attitudes about immigration developed and changed in recent times. In theory, all web pages are captured and archived, and are therefore available as record. In practice it is hard to find websites that are abandoned. Reviving content on these abandoned domain names is one way that we can carry our our mission to preserve this record.

So, look for the old website content here soon. If you wish to, you can contact us.


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