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From a refugee to a successful woman in Tech, and a Presidential Leadership Scholar

One of the hardest things for immigrants is having self-confidence. I believed then and I still believe today ‘If that person can do it, I can too.’ Introduction Tina and her family escaped from Vietnam when she was three years old. At a young age, Tina saw how hard her parents worked and the sacrifices...

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Irem, the Accidental Femigrant from Turkey to Silicon Valley’s Facebook

The USA inspires in us, Femigrants a great ambition to build a better life for ourselves. Even those who do not intend to stay here and make the US their home are inspired by it. Introduction (more…)

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How an Immigrant from Venezuela Landed a Rewarding Role at Facebook to Kick off Her Career Right out of College

Share your stories, and find strength from each other’s struggles and successes. You will find hope and affirmation that all of your dreams will come to fruition" Veronica Peñaloza Wolfermann is a Femigrant from Venezuela. She works as an Account Manager for Non-Profits at Facebook. (more…)

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Meet a Program Manager of Oculus, a Femigrant from India who donates her hair to ACS

As an immigrant myself, I learned how to be confident, to be myself and free myself from any judgements. My approach towards life has changed and I see life differently now.” Lavanya Poreddy, Femigrant from Hyderabad, India.  She works as a Program Manager with Logistics and Operations at Oculus/Facebook. (more…)

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A Story of a Turkish Immigrant Woman Who Got a Job at WhatsApp

Moving to a new country, starting from scratch again without any support proved to be a challenge. Like other successful Femigrants, I am a living testimony that hard work DOES pay off" Pinar Sezer Erdogan, Femigrant from Turkey. Market Manager at WhatsApp.   Favorite quote: "Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women.” Atatürk,...

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The worst you can get is a ‘NO’. But you’ll never know that if you don’t ask.

Own your individuality. Don't stress about how you are not like the typical person in your profession, but instead focus on the unique strengths you bring to the table" Rama Karve is a Femigrant from Pune, India. She works as a Software Engineer at Facebook (more…)