Strengthening and Empowering Yourself: The Key to Success

Nathi Eustaquio is a Femigrant originally from Brazil. She is a source of inspiration and motivation for those around her. With her Masters in Psychology, she started and runs her own “Transition” coaching business, called Empowering Immigrant Women. Nathi had been a successful, practicing psychologist. When she moved to the US, she struggled to find her voice – until she was introduced to career coaching. Now, she runs a successful transition-coaching business, and happily helps new immigrants find their path, their careers, and start their lives in the U.S.

Important factors which helped them during this process

One of the most important factors that sparked Nathi’s path to success: her mentors and role models. When she arrived in the U.S., Nathi was already employed, as an au-pair for an American family. When she met her future husband here and realized she would be staying long term, she struggled to figure out how she could give back in a meaningful way. She started her Masters in the U.S. , because her Brazilian masters did not cover the psychologist certification in the U.S. She struggled through English language classes, pronunciation classes, grammar classes – all in an effort to assimilate to the culture she would now be calling a home.

It wasn’t until she met a career coach,  that her path completely changed. She met a coach who traveled the world inspiring, motivating, and guiding others in their journey to find themselves. Nathi not only learned from this coach, but realized that she could look up to her as a role model – Nathi realized she could give to others in the same way that this career coach was giving to her clients.

Her interest sparked, Nathi started researching. She researched what career coaches do, what background they have, how to start one’s own business as a Transition coach, and how she herself could give back to her clients. Armed with her research, she called her own career coach, and said: I need your help, I want to start my own transition-coaching business, aimed at helping immigrants wanting to get into the American workforce and adapt to this new culture.

That was the beginning. Today, Nathi runs a successful business coaching her clients to happiness and success.

As a psychologist , Nathi’s focus is providing emotional support to her clients as they transition into new careers and lives within the US. She helps them write resumes, search online for their first opportunities, and prepare for their interviews. Her focus during the process is to provide the emotional support to ensure her clients meet and achieve their goals.

 Main reasons they think they succeeded

 Nathi provides help and support to others, but she starts first and foremost with herself. In her line of business, she hears a lot of stories of struggle and pain. In order to be able to recommend, guide, and support others, she has to fortify and strengthen herself first.

For Nathi, a key ingredient to success and happiness is having a set routine to nourish and strengthen oneself. She has a strong routine of self-nourishing habits built into her everyday schedule. She meditates, completes a daily yoga session, journals her feelings – all as part of a solidified morning routine. She also has her own therapist, and her own career coach, both of whom she sees regularly and consistently.

Nathi emphasizes that it is her own proactive approach to nourishing herself, that leaves her with a strong energy and supportive personality to empower others who are struggling. An empowered woman, can empower other women.

It’s easy, especially as a remote business owner, to fall into the challenge of not holding yourself accountable. For Nathi, having her own therapist and career coach, and being proactive about her approach to her own emotional and mental well being, allows her to stay on the path of holding herself accountable as a business owner and as her own boss. This is what helps her ensure she stays consistent, and stays successful.

Recommendations to others on a similar path

The biggest challenges Nathi sees other immigrant women face: language, finding community, navigating the process to get a work visa , and ultimately: finding the confidence to remember that you can be just as successful in a new community as you were in the original.

For Nathi, the biggest challenge was language, which she addressed by practicing English with her host family, who were her first employers here in the U.S. She was proactive and took English grammar and pronunciation classes. She put herself out there and made new connections – in doing so, got confirmation that she was perfectly adept at communicating and making a new community here in his new culture.

Initially, in the challenge to find herself in a new culture, and figure out what her career options were, Nathi felt a loss of identity – She was a Brazilian psychologist, with no family, friends, or profession here in the U.S.

For Nathi, the key to unlocking her identity challenge; learning to see herself differently. She learned to see the potential she had left to touch. She realized the unique experiences and knowledge that she had yet to offer, and starting tapping in to those to figure out how she could give back here in this new culture. Once she was able to change her perspective of one feeling like she was lacking something, to one where she felt she had a lot more to discover about herself, she started her path toward success.

Advice they have to other people looking up to them

Her biggest piece of advice: love yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others. When you are in the midst of your struggle, of finding yourself, it is easy to look at the snapshots of people’s lives on social media, and start to feel that everyone has a place they belong, except for you. Remember that is just a snapshot of success, and not an entire picture of that person’s struggle. Remember that we are all vulnerable, we all make mistakes, and we all have worth and value in our own unique ways. Remember that we can all be happy, and successful, in our own time.

Editor: Dana Haj Hamad

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