The Hidden Passion That Changes Lives: Her cutting-edge technology to treating cancer is an inspiration to all.

Stop reading books, go do it! At some point you will have read enough research on the business you are thinking of starting and need to just jump in and start.

Gitte Pedersen, the CEO of Genomic Expression, is the pioneer developing cancer diagnostics with the mission to save lives. Her company aims to provide cancer patients a tailored drug treatment by sequencing their RNA to find the drug that is less toxic and more effective for them, as opposed to the standardized treatment given to the masses right now.

Gitte, who resides in the United States now, is a femigrant originating from Denmark. She credits her engineering family background as the natural pathway into the science field. She knew early on that she wanted to go into the Biotech field. Gitte spent a number of years working for the globally renowned NovoZymes Biotech company before starting her own company.

Early in her career she noticed that she was not advancing as fast as her male peers. When she looked at her female peers she saw that very few made it to the next level despite the fact that the company employed a lot of women in the field.
Gitte stems from a mother that was taught “how to be a housewife” in school but instead went on to Politics so it is not surprising that she has the tenacity and focused, rebellious attitude that she has. Instead of accepting that as a fact, she decided to do something about it.

She decided the only way to accelerate her career was to establish her own business. Gitte says that she “can’t get up in the morning unless [she’s] passionate.” Her parent’s cancer diagnosis created her passion for finding treatment alternatives. She has made it her goal to inspire and promote more women. She says “women are solving problems that men don’t care about.” It is women like Gitte, like all the fellow femigrants, that are changing the business scene by creating businesses where there are women at the top.

You need to crunch the numbers. It will take time and money to make money. Be realistic

Gitte says that her biggest hurdle when creating her company was raising funds. She got experts to help her with creating a good pitch and drew attention to herself by competing in various pitch competitions. Her networking skills were imperative to helping her land the funding necessary to launch her product. She mentioned the patience required for any business venture. ”You need to crunch the numbers. It will take time and money to make money. Be realistic.”

Gitte advices femigrants on the importance of initiation and says to “stop reading books, go do it!” At some point you will have read enough research on the business you are thinking of starting and need to just jump in and start. She also advices fellow femigrants that “you are going to grow a lot in the process, you will tackle more things.” She means in your personal and professional life. Gitte had two children in the span of three years so she knows a little something about juggling both worlds.

She is excited with the success she has found in the Biotech world and looks forward to having her tests available to the general public. Her cutting-edge technology and commitment to treating cancer in an innovative way is an inspiration to all.

Gitte shares her favorite quote with us – “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny” (by M. Gandhi) – which proves her deep belief of values becoming her destiny one day.

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