Team Members

'Teamwork builds trust and the trust build growth'

We have a team of skilled professionals and talented leaders who contribute their time and talent to our mission. Our flexible hours encourage volunteers to become involved. We are thankful for our amazing volunteers!

Ika Aliyeva, Founder

Femigrant from Azerbaijan. The winner of 4 various international educational and leadership programs. An Alumni of Edmund S. Muskie Exchange Program. Owner of . As a primary job, Ika Aliyeva provides public content support at Instagram/Facebook. Blogging, social media and photography are her passions. Loves traveling and international cuisine. Speaks English, Turkish, Russian and (native) Azerbaijani languages.

Mammad Karim, Board Member

Serial entrepreneur and investor. The Founder of the first investment funds for early- stage start-ups in Azerbaijan, Khazar Ventures. His portfolio covers start-ups in Ireland, Turkey, Jordan and Belgium. Leads an accelerator program for local startups, helping them to grow in Azerbaijan and expand to international markets. Mr Karimov launched two online media channels and Digital Marketing Institute in Azerbaijan.

Aygun Suleymanova, Board Member

Femigrant from Azerbaijan. A mentor who is passionate about supporting women to realize their full potential and drive their careers forward. Aygun is the creator of Mentoring Women in Tech group and speaks at Women of Silicon Valley conference series. In her 8 years in US, she has taken her own career from an intern at a small startup in Miami to a Product Marketing Director at Salesforce.

Gizem Kocak, Social Media Manager

Femigrant from Turkey. She graduated BA in English Language and Literature. Her favorite quote is: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Raiq Aliyev, Webdeveloper

Raiq is originally from Lankaran, Azerbaijan. He has been a very active since his high school as Ika Aliyeva used to be his teacher many years ago. Currently he works for Lankaran Local TV Channel.

Para Dean, Outreach Coordinator

Femigrant from Iran. She is passionate and effective advocate for causes that fundamentally change people’s lives. She loves interacting with people. She helps Femigrants by engaging with Middle East community.

Veronika Takayawa, Editor

Femigrant from Fiji. She loves trying out new things and gain experience in a new field. She has a great interpersonal skills and helps a lot with Femigrants platform focusing on editing inspirational stories of Femigrants

Dana Haj Hamad, Research Associate

Femigrant from Sudan. She is a Health Promotion specialist with a background in Counseling and Health Psychology. Her interests are in research, pedagogy and Global Health projects.

Cathya Lopez, Outreach Coordinator

Currently works on the Community Operations team at Instagram and assists the platform users. She is passionate about empowerment, building community, and also enjoys using her creativity to express herself.

Giovanni Fnu, Editor

Giovanny is the first volunteer who joined Femigrants even before we launched officially. She recently works at Pinterest. She loves traveling and visited many different cities in Asia.

Claire Benson, Editor

Previously working as an Editorial Assistant and Oxford University Press and an editor and Cognella Academic Publishing, Claire’s interest in participating in this project stems from her desire to promote women and women’s rights.

Em Elle, Editor

Graduated Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Currently works as Program Assistant at Onetta Harris Community Center in Menlo Park. Loves writing and blogging.

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