Posted by femigrants17 | 20 October 2017
“It is not easy to be yourself in a different country far away from home, but you can succeed if you try” – An Advice from Japanese Immigrant Entrepreneur

The key to success is not only increasing the profitability of the business but to be compassionate and helpful to people." Akemi Asao, A Femigrant from Japan, Owner of ASAO Acupuncture, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 27 October 2017
You are free, we are free, women are free.

Never feel inferior to anyone and trust your instinct. If you have a dream, follow it. Be grateful, never forget where you come from, who you are, who helped you" Gabriela Alvarez Castaneda, a Femigrant from Guatemala, owner of Bula Arts and Culture, an educational and artistic institution (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 01 December 2017
3,585 Miles from Struggle to Success in Finding Her Place in America

I don’t have many friends on Facebook, but I joined Femigrants Community because I felt that sense of unity and support. This is what I believe in.” Nury Castillo Crawford is an owner of 1010 Publishing LLC, a published author and an inspiring educator. She was born in Peru, South America and immigrated with her...

Posted by Archana Raghavan | 23 February 2018
This immigrant woman didn’t get accepted on her 17 but got $3 million at 26 by YCombinator

At every stage of the process (even when you’ve seen years of success), surround yourself with people who are smarter than you - absorb their wisdom to ensure broadened understanding, and ever-increasing knowledge toward happiness and success." Iba Masood, a Pakistani Femigrant, is the co-founder and CEO of TARA AI, a project-planning and recruiting platform...

Posted by femigrants17 | 06 April 2018
Strengthening and Empowering Yourself: The Key to Success

Nathi Eustaquio is a Femigrant originally from Brazil. She is a source of inspiration and motivation for those around her. With her Masters in Psychology, she started and runs her own "Transition" coaching business, called Empowering Immigrant Women. Nathi had been a successful, practicing psychologist. When she moved to the US, she struggled to find...

Posted by femigrants17 | 18 July 2018
Irem, the Accidental Femigrant from Turkey to Silicon Valley’s Facebook

The USA inspires in us, Femigrants a great ambition to build a better life for ourselves. Even those who do not intend to stay here and make the US their home are inspired by it. Introduction (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 20 September 2018
From a refugee to a successful woman in Tech, and a Presidential Leadership Scholar

One of the hardest things for immigrants is having self-confidence. I believed then and I still believe today ‘If that person can do it, I can too.’ Introduction Tina and her family escaped from Vietnam when she was three years old. At a young age, Tina saw how hard her parents worked and the sacrifices...

Posted by femigrants17 | 26 November 2018
Lessons in Resilience and Gratitude: An Immigrant Woman Moving To 4 Countries in 5 Years

What do you get when you live in three countries in the same year? An experience of a lifetime, and lessons in resilience, gratitude and grit. (more…)