Posted by femigrants17 | 24 February 2016

Sometimes we might feel regret for leaving our country, family, career and everything else behind and starting all over from scratch... (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 24 February 2016

I try not to look at challenges as issues, but as good lessons for me to develop myself and work on managing my business and keeping my family happy at the same time. (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 16 March 2016

Take time to think about the big vision and the mission that you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Remember it daily, visualize and feel it as if it is happening now... (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 23 March 2016

Believe in yourself, in your power, and be ready to leave your comfort zone and accept new changes if you want to change your life. (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 11 March 2017

Follow your passion, not the money. Money will always follow if you follow your dreams and passion... (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 13 April 2017

Stop reading books, go do it! At some point you will have read enough research on the business you are thinking of starting and need to just jump in and start. (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 02 May 2017

The universe is benevolent. It wants you to be happy, it wants you to succeed. But it doesn’t want you to overdo it. (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 08 June 2017

It was difficult for me to make that decision, as I had to leave everything behind including my great career, family, business, achievements and luxury life. Nazli Nadem is the CEO of HopHR, Data Science talent marketplace based in Silicon Valley. She is a Femigrant from Iran. (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 17 July 2017

When you are an Entrepreneur you work four times as hard for 10 or 15 years so that you don’t have to work for the rest of your life. A self-made Femigrant from Germany who sold her business to Bill Gates in a multimillion dollar deal. Consummate entrepreneur and an author of #1 Amazon best-selling...