A Story of a Turkish Immigrant Woman Who Got a Job at WhatsApp

A Story of a Turkish Immigrant Woman Who Got a Job at WhatsApp

Moving to a new country, starting from scratch again without any support proved to be a challenge. Like other successful Femigrants, I am a living testimony that hard work DOES pay off”

Pinar Sezer Erdogan, Femigrant from Turkey. Market Manager at WhatsApp.


Favorite quote: "Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women.” Atatürk, The Founder of the Turkish Republic

Pinar moved to the United States with her husband in 2012. Her husband launched a start up in Bay Area at that time. Pinar was a very successful marketing manager back in Turkey and had 13 years of work experience in marketing when she moved to San Francisco. However she was not able to work in the US as she did not have a work permit when she moved here.

This did not deter her. During the first year, she had managed to obtain a certificate in Strategic Online Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to coming to the United States, Pinar had graduated from the highest ranking executive MBA program at KOC University, in Turkey. However, like most people with qualifications and experience from their home countries, Pinar soon found out that things were not quite the same in America. Standards and expectations were slightly different if not higher.

“I started applying for various jobs, including those that did not require such high marketing skills. My perseverance paid off when I got two job offers. One from Google as a Legal Assistant for Turkey and another from WhatsApp as a Region Lead, Turkey. I decided to go with WhatsApp as I felt it was more in my field of work and experience.” – Pinar

That was a turning point for Pinar’s career as she did very well in her first U.S based job at WhatsApp. She became the Platform Lead for the third biggest platform Windows Phone soon after joining WhatsApp. She had a baby during that time and later she got promoted and is now a Market Manager at WhatsApp.

It certainly has not been an easy journey who is now a successful professional female leader. “Moving to a new country, starting from scratch again, having a baby, and without any family and relatives for support proved to be a challenge. Like other successful femigrants, I am a living testimony that no obstacle is too great and that hard work DOES pay off.” says Pinar

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