Posted by femigrants17 | 23 March 2016

Being female may mean that you have to work harder than men as sexism exists even in the most so-called modern developed countries (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 29 March 2016

If you are passionate about your business idea, and you keep working on it, you will eventually succeed (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 16 March 2016

It will take a couple more generations for women to be treated equally as men even in a progressive society such as the United States An Interview with Uli Nasibova, a Femigrant from Azerbaijan. She is an owner of Gelateria Uli in LA (more…)

Posted by femigrants17 | 31 May 2017

I had no business background but I jumped in anyway, and thankfully I have learned a lot along the way and the business is now growing. An Interview with Aruna Lee, a Femigrant from South Korea. She owns a small business "Volcano Kimchi" and sells home made kimchi.   Tell us a little bit about...

Posted by femigrants17 | 28 March 2016

The attitude for gratitude always brings in positive results in achieving success in anything. (more…)