What Is Femigrants?

Founded in March 2017, Femigrants is a professional network of diverse female immigrant entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) as well as business fields. Our mission is to empower immigrant women from diverse backgrounds and help them become successful women leaders in the United States by connecting them to the right sources and providing various free services for them.

Femigrants Foundation is a self-sponsored organization. Our services are offered for free and they include, but are not limited to, mentorship and coaching programs; professional development and business trainings; diversity events such as panel discussions, fireside chats, and networking meetups; marketing services and more.

We also regularly interview and publish inspirational stories of immigrant women in order to give a voice to their challenges and successes. We strive to keep our diverse community motivated and always moving forward.

Why Empower Immigrant Women?

At Femigrants, we strongly believe that if all immigrant women from diverse backgrounds have equal opportunities to connect with each other, learn from and support one another in order to thrive in a new country, they will be able to realize their full potential professionally, economically and socially. We founded this organization with the aim of pursuing this mission.

How Do We Do It?

Online Community – Femigrants currently has 10K+ community members on Facebook and its members utilize this platform to have meaningful conversations, share their stories and experiences, provide support for their peers, and more.

FemiX Mentorship on Facebook – Femigrants Group on Facebook is one of pioneering groups who started using Facebook’s new Mentorship feature. Through this tool, Femigrants members have an opportunity to mentor each other and help their peers ride into success.  

Professional Internship Program (PIP) was launched by Femigrants in order to provide a space for interested members who wish to hone their professional skills and enrich their career backgrounds while contributing to their Femigrants Community. PIP graduates have been promoted in their respective careers or have made successful career changes.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Program is going to be Femigrants’ next program which aims to enable international female entrepreneurs and business leaders to come to the Silicon Valley for an exchange of experience with large and small technology companies. They will get to visit the headquarters of these companies and take part in a series of workshops to learn about modern business technologies and tools, as well as gain new business skills.

Events & Workshops – Femigrants members get the chance to attend various events organized by our organization on topics relevant to our Community and take advantage of networking opportunities and build meaningful relationships.

Femigrants Foundation, Your First Source of Support.