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Femigrants is powerful and unique online platform of female immigrant entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals leaders in STEM. Femigrants create a diverse, collaborative, virtual community aimed at keeping female immigrants – ‘femigrants’ – motivated, connected and empowered. We provide a holistic, essential career-facilitating platform to immigrant women in the US.

Our free services include career mentorship-coaching programs, professional networking events, panel discussions, fireside chat, marketing services and more

Our mission
To empower diverse immigrant women of America to become powerful leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Values: Diversity, Inclusion, Community, Change, Inspire, Mentorship, Empower, Excel

What makes us unique
We cultivate the most meaningful and powerful community – the kind that is created only when immigrant female leaders originating from all corners of the globe come together to offer their unique, diverse perspectives. We are run by a group of successful and powerful immigrant women, to facilitate other Femigrants in recognizing and meeting their own potential.

What we offer
Femigrants provide key resources for success, free of charge: online marketing services for business owners; professional networking meet-ups; online live interviews to increase exposure for new and aspiring business owners, and a coaching-mentorship program for aspiring professionals.

In addition to professional resources, we believe a core ingredient to reaching your potential is hope. Part of our mission is to write and share success stories from powerful immigrant women entrepreneurs and professionals – not only to give a voice to their struggle and success, but to keep the rest of the  Femigrants community engaged, motivated, and always moving forward.

How you can get involved
We strive to build an extensive network where femigrants can connect and interact with experienced entrepreneurs and mentors to advance and develop professionally. We aim to build a collaborative space that inspires positive change, enthusiasm and strong leadership.

We welcome you to join the community! Come share your story with us and with countless others, subscribe to our newsletter to find out how to meet Femigrants near you and become a part of a community whose goal is looking out for your success!


We believe that every female immigrant has a unique story to share. Femigrants would love to post about your journey of becoming a successful professional or entrepreneur to help others, who are in the same situation, stay focused and motivated. Celebrate your success with fellow Femigrants and provide them an opportunity and learn and grow!

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At femigrants, we believe that inspirational stories and networking events help you to stay motivated and connected to the mentors who can help you grow professionally. We organize networking events, local meet-ups and panel discussions on various topics to empower immigrant women.

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Femigrants virtual platform provides an amazing opportunity to spread the word about your business free of cost. No matter if you have just started your business venture or you’re a seasonal entrepreneur, we would love to help you promote your business. We strongly believe in supporting female immigrant entrepreneurs at every level and would request them to give back to our community by guiding our community’s budding entrepreneurs!

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Femigrants is growing at an amazing pace and we are always in need of volunteers. Volunteers at femigrants enjoy special perks of being able to connect, interact with our community and grow professionally. Our perks include but not limited to

  • providing excellent reference letter after 3 months of your commitment.
  • special gifts from Femigrants after 6 months of your commitment

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