What is Femigrants?

Are you a Female Immigrant living in the US? Do you want to expand your professional network or spread the word about your business? Then you should join Femigrants Platform!

Femigrants is the most unique and diverse platform that unites and empowers female immigrants migrated to the United States from all over the world.

Femigrants is a network of entrepreneurs and professionals that is committed to empowering and inspiring immigrant women in the US to build their own business and progress in their career by connecting them to the right resources and network they need to succeed.

Femigrants network includes successful businesswomen and women leaders working at corporations like Facebook, WhatsApp, SalesForce, Google, etc.

No race, religion, language or ethnicity divide us. We are all the same, we are all unique! We can have different goals but we all have one mission – to change our life and prosper in a new community!” – Ika Aliyeva, The Founder of Femigrants

Be Active! Expand Your Professional Network! Change Your Life!

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Inspirational Stories

You are free, we are free, women are free.

Never feel inferior to anyone and trust your instinct. If you have a dream, follow it. Be grateful, never forget where you come from, who...

A Story of a Turkish Immigrant Woman Who Got a Job at WhatsApp

Moving to a new country, starting from scratch again without any support proved to be a challenge. Like other successful Femigrants, I am a living testimony that hard...

Meet a Program Manager of Oculus, a Femigrant from India who donates her hair to ACS

As an immigrant myself, I learned how to be confident, to be myself and free myself from any judgements. My approach towards life has changed...

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How Arab Businesswoman Contributed to Her Community with Her New Business Idea

If you are passionate about your business idea, and you keep working on it, you will eventually succeed (more…)

My biggest Dream Is To Own ‘Volcano Kimchi’ Stores Around The Country

I had no business background but I jumped in anyway, and thankfully I have learned a lot along the way and the business is now...

13 Years of Life Fighting for Dreams

Being female may mean that you have to work harder than men as sexism exists even in the most so-called modern developed countries (more…)


We have a team of skilled professionals and talented leaders who contribute their time and talent to our mission. 

Our flexible hours encourage volunteers to become involved. We are thankful for our amazing volunteers!


Femigrant from Azerbaijan.Owner of Nurtravel.org . Love traveling, classic music and international cuisine.

Ika AliyevaFounder and Owner

Serial entrepreneur, Investor,  and the Founder of the first investment funds for early- stage start-ups in Azerbaijan, Khazar Ventures. The current portfolio covers start-ups from a number of countries including Ireland, Turkey, Jordan and Belgium. He is also leading an accelerator program for local startups, helping them to grow in Azerbaijan and expand to international markets. Besides his current investments Mr Karimov launched two online media channels and Digital Marketing Institute in Azerbaijan.

Mammad KarimAdvisor

Femigrant from Azerbaijan. A mentor who is passionate about supporting women to realize their full potential and drive their careers forward. Aygun is the creator of Mentoring Women in Tech group and speaks at Women of Silicon Valley conference series. In her 8 years in US, she has taken her own career from an intern at a small startup in Miami to a Product Marketing Director at Salesforce.

Aygun SuleymanovaBoard Member


“Patience, working hard and gratitude for what you have are three golden rules for success.”


Suzan Halvaci - Owner of LaLe Restaurant

“Follow your passion, not the money. Money will always follow if you follow your dreams and passion. Always support and help others.”


Sandra Zaldana - Femigrant Enreprenuer

“Stay humble and open-minded, so that you may learn from new experiences and get better.”


Uli Nasibova, Owner of Gelateria Uli

“Life is a fight. Fight for your dreams. Dreams may not become true quickly: it can take weeks, months, or even years. Be patient, be consistent.”


Ika Aliyeva - Owner of Femigrants